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  Advances in the study of Mississippi Valley type deposits(19565)
  A preliminary study of large-scale metallogenesis and large clusters of mineral deposits(10861)
  In situ U-Pb zircon dating using laser ablation-multi ion counting-ICP-MS(10010)
  Qulong superlarge porphyry Cu deposit in Tibet: Geology, alteration and mineralization(9718)
  Mineral deposit model for porphyry skarn polymetallic copper deposits in Tongling ore dense district of MiddleLower Yangtze Valley metallogenic belt(8654)
  Relationship between granitic rocks and Au-Cu-W-Sn mineralization(8653)
  Global metallogenic domains and districts(7575)
  A tentative discussion on theory of minerogenetic series and mineral resource assessment(7044)
  Porphyry Cu deposits in collisional orogen setting: A preliminary genetic model(6828)
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  Qulong superlarge porphyry Cu deposit in Tibet: Geology, alteration and mineralization(47945)
  LA-MC-ICP-MS U-Pb dating of zircons from volcanic rocks and subvolcanic intrusions in Ashele Cu-Zn ore district, Xinjiang, and its geological implications(28702)
  Geological and geochemical characteristics of Mayuan Pb-Zn ore deposit on northern margin of Yangtze landmass(21536)
  Geochronology,Hf isotopic compositions and geochemical characteristics of Xitian A-type granite and its geological significance(20086)
  Hydrothermal evolution of gold-bearing pyrite and arsenopyrite from different types of gold deposits(17628)
  Geology, exploration model and practice of Zijinshan ore concentrated area(14373)
  Mineral prospecting and its related approaches in Duocaima Pb-Zn deposit in Tuotuohe, Qinghai Province(14179)
  Molybdnite Re-Os age of Diaoquan silver-copper polymetallic deposit in Shanxi Province and its geological significance(11806)
  LA-ICP-MS zircon U-Pb dating of dioritic porphyrite in Jiaochong Au-S deposit, Tongling area, and its geological significance(10423)
  Advances in the study of Mississippi Valley type deposits(9998)

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